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I wanted to tell you of another miracle that occurred at the your dad's place.  I was speeding west on I-80, my car packed with all my belongings.  I had left Chicago to begin a new life in California.  I am at a crossroads in my life and have been struggling to hang on to hope and faith and joy.  I caught sight of the house, etc, and thought "What in tarnation is THAT?"  I braked hard and veered off onto the exit that was suddenly there, determined to get a closer look at it all!  I feel certain that it was by the grace of God that I ended up there, and I would bet that I am not the first person you have heard that from....  I feel that your dad's spirit touched me- all the human emotions visible and palpable there...Love, hate.  Hope, despair.  Joy, sadness.  Thunder hoped to make some difference in the world, and peoples lives and he sure did accomplish that.  How wonderful that you can continue to share the messages - and thereby accomplish same.  I for one did not ever hear the story of Wounded Knee and the other atrocities that were committed by us here on our native soil.  It sounds so eerily similar to atrocities in other parts of the world that we are often up in arms about.  And so I am a little more learned today than I was yesterday.  I have Thunder to thank for that.   And I laughed and cried there and left feeling more hopeful and faithful - in people and in life.  Yay!  I will send a donation when I am in a postition to do so.  God bless you and this glorious place.
D. Carlton 

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