Photographic exhibit by Richard Menzies

"Cut glass porthole"

"Daub and bottle construction"

"Daub and bottle construction" detail

"Faces on the wall"

"Faces on the wall" detail

"Another face on the wall" detail

"Chief Thunder's phone"


"More faces on the wall"

"The Firepit Area"


"The Firepit Area" another view

"His Chair"

"Ground-Floor Pillars"



"Second-Floor Landing"

"The Second Floor"


"The Kitchen"

"Living Room Pillars"

"It Started as a Travel Trailer!"


"The Stairwell Balustrade"

"The Bathroom"




Photographic Gallery Display by 

Peggy Fontenot



"It's Lonely at the Bottom"

"Thunder Mountain Library"

"Thunder Mountain Library 2"

"Looking Out"

"Looking Out" another view

"Thunder Mountain Phone"


"Thunder Mountain Shoe"

"Thunder Mountain Shoe 2"

"Thunder Mountain Sitting Room"

"Thunder Mountain Back Door"

"Thunder Mountain Bathroom"

"Thunder Mountain Bathroom 2"

"Thunder Mountain Bathroom 3"

"Thunder Mountain Bedroom"

"Thunder Mountain Bedroom 2"


"Thunder Mountain Dolls"

"Thunder Mountain Fireplace"

"Frank's Chair"

"Thunder Mountain Hallway"

"Thank You For Visiting"